Building A Mancave

man cave

Essential for the happiness of any sport-loving guy, a proper, private, and all around spectacular mancave is needed for any serious fan.

With football season fast approaching (FOOTBALL!), you’ve got about two weeks left to build the envy of your friends, the place your ass will call home for the next 18 or so weeks.

Step 1 – Find the perfect couch.

Something soft, but not too soft.  You need to Goldilocks this couch.  My suggestion?  Go with a nice dark leather couch.  You’ll sink in (but not too far!) as you sit for hours, yelling at your TV and eating nachos.

Step 2 – Set up the perfect lighting.

Nothing too bright.  You don’t want to blind yourself.  You can’t root for your team when you’re in bed with a migraine all Sunday.  Find a nice site with lots of DIY tutorials and lots of lighting options, and then back light the hell out of your TV.  You’ll thank me all season long.

Step 3 – Splurge for amazing speakers.

There are lots and lots of options to go with when it comes to speakers.  I recommend Bose, but to each their own.  Set up your speakers around the room so you get a nice surround going.  You don’t want to hear each massive hit, you want to FEEL it.

This should be enough to get you well on your way to building an awesome mancave.

Got a tip?  Something we missed?  Leave a comment below and let us know!